Vigenère Cypher

The Vigenère cypher was at one point cutting edge cryptography, but then again a 90Mhz processor used to be the paramount of speed for computing. 

One of the downfalls of Vigenère was the development of frequency analysis. In this system, a character is taken and examined for how frequently it appears, then using this as a means to decrypt the most common letters in the language being decoded one can begin to infer meaning and decrypt the message.

Before I joined the military, I was a C/C++ programmer. After I read a book on cryptography, I was inspired to try to develop an app to demonstrate this cypher, and then decided to use it as a means to teach myself the C# language. While I was programming this app, it occurred to me, that the process that is most commonly used to break this cypher has to do with the letters are decoded and those values evaluated. I then thought to myself, what if the numbers, were encoded from the letters, but then those numbers were then again encoded, making the process of decryption even more difficult (dare I say impossible?). Now, let’s take one more step towards making the message impossible to decrypt. When encoding the clear text, let’s randomly add some BS characters, that don’t decrypt to anything at all….

Now I present to you, the fruits of my labors, and now in handy Android phone app form!


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