Our Family of Pain

Life keeps slipping away
we are the lost and the abused,
fired, forgotten, beaten, and broken.

Forget all the dreams of days gone,
you’re left in the rut of reality,
never to see the day,
never to sleep the night,

One last fix, it’s all you need,
the slide of the blade,
the blast of the sulfur,
bring it all back into focus,
while pushing it all away.

We are the forgotten and abused,
we are the discarded remains of what once was,
we have come to the same end,
brothers in arms,
forever a part of, our family of pain.

Fired and forgotten,
beaten, and broken,
Nothings left to give,
noting left to grieve.

We are the guardians,
we are the angels,
we are the devils,
we once were real,
now we rot.

get your last fix,
spend the last of your blood,
live your last life,
forget your broken past.

Life keeps slipping away,
We are the forgotten and the abused,
fired and forgotten,
beaten and abused,

we are the same,
we are the changed,
we are the broken and abused,

fired and forgotten,
we are the discarded remains of what once was,
we’ve walked the same roads,
seen the same world,
stuck forever in our family of pain.

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