Privacy Policy

Any personal, or private information, images, or data gathered within the application remains the property of the user. This includes photos taken with the application, personal data, inventories, serial numbers, or any other manually entered information.

I take no responsibility for the use or accuracy of the data entered into the application. “Shooter’s Toolbox” allows the user to enter reloading data, which can be hazardous. It is the users responsibility to ensure that any and all data used, or entered is accurate, correct, and safe. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or loss of life or property. Please be safe while using this app to store and reload ammunition.

I do not retain any information entered into the application and no data is “sent back” or retrieved in any way. Photographs taken with the app are either stored locally on the phone, or within the database. All other information is stored in the database accompanying the application.

The application it’s self, it’s data structures, database schema, algorithms, source code, and so on remain the property of Knightraven Productions.

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