About me…

I have always hated these, some place I am supposed to blurb about myself, well I am my own worst critic, so let me take a stab at this.

I am a 42(at the writing of this) year old disabled veteran, I was a software engineer prior to enlisting in the military, I am actually writing about this, in something of a personal memoir, or something to that effect, so I will not bore you with that.

I am an avid science lover, I am fascinated by  the natural world around us, and the galaxy we zip around in. One thing I dislike more than anything else is willful ignorance. “Those who do not know, can learn, those who refuse to learn will never know.” As far as I know, that’s an original quote, by me, because I have such a disdain for willful ignorance.

One of the most important life lessons I bring to my writing, would be that,

  • Not everything is as it seems; we live in a world of perception, and your perception is based on your relative position to the situation. You may for instance find yourself holding as they say the wrong end of the stick…
  • Science cares not if you believe it or not; this was one of the most groundbreaking realizations a human can come to. You can disagree, you can feel, you can believe, what ever you like, Science however, will not stop and wait for you at the corner, it will carry along it’s merry way, and leave you behind.
  • The heroes, don’t always win; Sometimes good people fail, they die, or others die because of it. Reality is cold, hard, and can spoil a beautiful Sunday picnic whenever it decides to drop a hoard of zombies in the same park you are picnicking in.
  • Indecision can, and often does kill; while the optimist, and pessimist are arguing about the state of the glass, they will eventually die of dehydration. The lesson here is, drink water, it’s what the Army tells you to do in order to mend broken bones, so it’s gotta work, right?

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly; Life is a series of events, we experience these events in the manner we deem befitting them, and often we forget that these events are what make life. These are the things that create who we are; do you sniff the milk? or just look at the expiration date? When you check your mail, do you use one or both hands to manipulate the mailbox, and it’s contents? These are the things that make us who we are, insignificant as they are, they are all a part of the experience that is life. Never lose sight of  who you are, never forget what it is about you, that makes you, you.

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