There be snakes out there

There be snakes out there,
Such a simple reminder, such a basic premise.
Every week I remind everyone, every day we bring it up.
Weeks, months, and what seems an eternity goes by,
To the day you go out for a walk.
A day, no different than the preceding, nor the proceeding.
To what lapse, to what thought distracted you?
What moment in time, when the horses were terrified of the briars.
How did the judgement come?
To send the horses on their way, and to go on foot?
‘Twas only a briar, nothing more.
But there be snakes out there.
Such a fateful day, such an eternity of moments.
Walking along the way, heading back to the house.
Did you hear a hiss? did you see the serpent?
An eternity lived out in a moment,
There be snakes out there,
Then the strike.
And forever more, we all live,
To remember those who do not.
All because, in your moment to choose,
You forgot, or you did not care,
That there be snakes out there.

Dedicated to my brothers, my friends,

James Ayube, and Kelly Mixon
KIA Dec-8-2010
Chehel Gazi, Afghanistan

Not a day goes by I don’t remember, you.
Not day goes by that I don’t feel the pain of your loss…

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