Potential beginnings of the universe?

There was a discovery recently called the “Axis of evil” This is that there is actually a hot band that crosses our CMB completely from one side to another. This has some interesting implications as for the formation of our universe.
Here is what I had to say about it…
Here’s the video
Here’s what I had to say…
What if the universe was formed by a shedding of material from a super, supermassive black hole? Let’s assume that there is only so much mass that it may contain, the mass exceeds the constant of gravity that is holding it. At this point the material would begin to “cast off” like you would see in a forensic blood splatter cast off. This would cause the axis of evil in that it is the “freshest” and more recent cast off from the source.
In this model, it could also explain some incongruities of the speed of light. If something were in closer proximity to this central mass, it’s spacetime would be warped by its proximity.
For this model to work, we would have to make a few assumptions.
1) Black holes have a finite mass they can achieve. This could be possible, thinking of a black hole as a bend in spacetime that folds back over its self. Since spacetime becomes bent or concave in the presence of mass, if there is enough mass, it is possible to think that at some point that spacetime could completely envelop its self. If this spacetime were to become so distorted, it could eventually lead to a fissure that would allow matter to be fired out from it.
2) There could be multiple categories of black holes, or other spacetime anomalies. The presence of some super structure has not been indicated in our models and views of the universe. However, there have been “Gaps” or voids seen. Once again, assuming that mass bends spacetime, and alters the speed of light. Could it be considered that proximity to this construct is masking its presence by lensing other structures around it, effectively hiding it from our view?
3) As mass was cast off from the central object/mass, it becomes more diffuse as it flies away. This would explain the axis of evil, and the rest of the cmb. As material gets further from this mass, it cools, and is able to show greater deviations in its angular trajectory.
This model makes far too many assumptions to be considered even remotely accurate at this time. But perhaps with future discoveries, and explanations could be not too far from the truth.

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