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Shooters Toolbox does not work correctly on Note20U.

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Hello, first let me say, I love the app. I bought it a few years ago while using a Note8 (SM-N950U, running Android 9 - One UI 1.0, pic attached, as well as pic of app version). It ran flawlessly on that device... Recently I upgraded to a Note20 Ultra 512G model (SM-986U, running Android 10, One UI 2.5, screenshot attached, I dont know app version as I uninstalled it, but I can get that for you after I hear back from you initially). On N20U app, I can open the app, I can see everything that was saved on the app at the time I used smart switch to transfer data to new device. However, while it lets me view everything, it will not save any changes, it wont allow new backup file or accept a restore file (which I transfered manually from N8 device using bluetooth). The app let me alter characters/parameters and allowed me to select save, and seemingly save all the data however upon refresh its the exact same as that first smart switch transfer. I can provide more info if needed. Just email me at: I hope you can work it out. I understand that these things take time, but over this last yr or so Ive cataloged most of my inventory in the app, which is the first time Ive put enough trust into an app to hold all that info without paper backup. Id be completely bent out of shape if I wouldve traded in the N8, but fortunately, I didnt so I can still use the app on that device but I hope you can understand how frustrating that is. So, please do what you can to fix it. I'll appreciate it very much. I cant imagine Im the only one who is in this situation, so maybe your already on it? If your not on it though, or your longer servicing this app, please let me know (email above) so Im not sitting around hoping. Its a great all in one app, when its working, and with its more friendly pricetag now, I dont think you'd be doing yourself any favors by calling it quits just yet, although you might need to give it awhile still for the cheapskates to swing back around to notice its $2.50 now instead of the $8+ I paid back when I got it. Anyway, just my 2cts. Good luck and cheers, JD
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Shooter’s Toolbox V1.0.0

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