Best day ever

Scene opens; a man, Steve, and a woman, Sarah, sitting on a blanket in a clearing within the woods. The sun is out and it’s a beautiful spring day. The smell of the wild flowers already hanging in the air.

Sarah: “Thank you my dear, this has been a wonderful day”
Steve: “yes it, has, I’d venture to say it’s been our best day together yet”
Sarah: smiles, closes her eyes and leans against Steve’s chest “Yes, best day ever!”
Steve: smiling Steve draws a small pistol from under the blankets corner, “best day ever my love”. Sarah is momentarily distracted by the flatness of his voice, before she can say anything “Best day ever my love” Steve repeats as he shoots Sarah through the head. “and now we’ll be here forever my dear” Steve says under his breath then shoots himself in the head.

Scene fades.


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